Hazard Switch

The passenger airbag indicator and hazard switch is a compound product that presents indicator and switch in one component.

In passenger cars, passenger air bag switch may be switched off in case a child safety seat is placed or a person with disorders sit in the front passenger seat.

In these circumstances, the passenger airbag indicator tells drivers if the passenger air bag is ON or OFF.

The passenger airbag indicator is controlled by vehicle control unit. Depending on the passenger air bag switch position, vehicle control unit controls the ON symbol group or OFF group.

Hazard switch operates the vehicle’s hazard lights in case of an emergency or a trouble circumstance appears. In passenger airbag indicator and hazard switch product, the hazard switch is integrated into passenger air bag indicator.

sssProduct Specifications

  • Operating Temperature : -40°C / +85°C
  • IP Rating : IP-66
  • Operating Voltage: 12V
  • Operating Current : 10A
  • Product Life : 200.000 Cycles