Big Ignition Switch

KAT Ignition Switches are specially designed to operate under severe conditions of transportation industries, agriculture and construction vehicles.

Ignition switches are electromechanical switches, which provide the electrical connection of the battery with the ignition system of the vehicles having a combustion engine.

Another task of the device is to provide energy to the car radio, electric windows and similar accessories. This feature prevents the event of battery run out, due to the energy consumption of accessories during prolonged times of inactivity.

The KAT ignition switch family is compatible to many vehicle types with different wiring diagram options.

Up to 5-phase models are available such as 0-I-II-III-IV according to accessory requirements.

The starter position is a temporary position that is triggered by the spring . After fulfillment of the starter function, it returns to the working position.

The locking mechanism located in the ignition switch prohibits re-starting in running vehicles in order to protect the starter motor.

According to the environmental conditions of use, models with different sealing (IP) levels are available. In addition, the flap cover supporting the protection class is available optionally.

Ignition switches are sold together with keys suitable for encryption on them. Some key types have sealing supplementary capabilities while mounted in the product. Key models with different designs and different colors are available. Special designs can be developed according to customer requirements.

The ignition switch is fixed from behind with the nut provided together to the slot opened in the panel according to the measurements indicated in the technical drawing. The plastic cover mounted on the nut completes the product visually.

For models indicated in technical drawings and other special requests, please contact our customer service representatives.

sssProduct Specifications

  • Operating Temperature : -40°C / +90°C
  • Key Side IP Rating: IP-63 or IP64
  • Terminal Side IP Rating: IP-63 or IP66
  • Operating Voltage: 12V / 24V
  • Operating Current : Refer to Technical Drawing.
  • Mechanical Product Life: 100.000 Cycles
  • Electrical Product Life: 25.000 Cycles