Control Light

KAT Control Lights are specially designed to operate under severe conditions of transportation industries, agriculture and construction vehicles.

They are used for reporting the status of auxiliary systems used in vehicle to the driver and warning the driver in case of breakdown/failure. (For example; battery status, headlights on/off, fuel, oil level error. )

It is a gauge, which informs the driver about the condition of the system with different colors of light, and it is easily located by the user on the front panel.

The control lamp lens is designed in different colors to inform, warn the user and in order to indicate dangers.

The warning light can be manufactured in different symbols and colors according to customer requirements. (The reason it is called warning light is that it warns the driver about failures while driving.)

sssProduct Specifications

  • Operating Temperature : -40°C / +85°C
  • IP Rating : IP-30
  • Operating Voltage : 12V