Heated Handgrip

KAT Heated Handgrips are specially designed to obtain secure and comfortable driving pleasure.

Handgrips, which are attached to the handlebar of the motorcycle used for directing, are one of the most important parts for the user to control the motorcycle. They are one of the most used parts while the motorcycle is moving. It is the only part that the user holds on to the motorcycle. Handgrips are usually on the right side, and they fulfill the function of the motorcycle accelerator as well.

This part is both a security and a comfort part in terms of its task. It is specifically designed to fulfill these two important features.

The dimensions of the product, its design, materials used and surface structure are determined to to provide optimal grip and to support optimal riding.

It has heating properties, which provide comfortable and safe riding, and keep rider's hand warm under adverse weather conditions. The foil structure fulfilling the heating function is a solution both technological and within our own patent. In order to provide extra comfort, the softness and flexibility of the rubber material used is specially selected.

The product is offered to our customers with the painted aluminum body that protects electrical connections and, if available, the throttle cable and provides a stylish appearance to the motorcycle, and its complementary plastic cap.

This product made by KAT Mekatronik is used in BMW motorcycles since 2007. It has multiple models according to different motorcycle options.

From 2010, a Electronic-Throttle version is developed in parallel to the developments in riding technology. In this version, a magnetic throttle system is used instead of throttling with throttle cable seen on old systems. With this feature, it allows the use of Cruise Control system in motorcycles.