Passenger Airbag On/Off Switch

Passenger Airbag Off Switch products are specially designed for VW group passenger vehicles.

The Airbag system, which is a part of vehicle security, is comprised of front console driver side and passenger side air bags that are independent from each other.

In passenger vehicles, for cases where an infant seat is placed on the front seat, or when persons that should be kept under control for medical reasons sit in the front seat, the airbags should be disabled.

In such cases, Electromechanical switches are used, which are placed in different locations on the front console (according to vehicle type) and operable with the vehicle key, for the person driving the vehicle to disable the airbag.

When the electromechanical switch is brought to closed (OFF) position, the Passenger Side airbag is disabled via the signal sent to the Vehicle Control Unit (ECU). At the same time the Airbag warning light, again located on the front console, activates.

sssProduct Specifications

  • Contact System : Microswitch Principle
  • IP Rate : IP 53
  • Load Current : 5-30mA
  • Pin : Gilded