Passenger Airbag Off Light – PAOL

Passenger Airbag Off Light product is specially designed for VW Passat.

In passenger vehicles, for cases where a child seat is placed on the front seat, or when persons that should be kept under control for medical reasons sit in the front seat, the airbags should be disabled.

For this reason, the AIRBAG is brought to "Open" or "Closed" position with switches, again manufactured by KAT Mekatronik (See PAOS product) that are placed on  different locations in the vehicle (inside the dash or the door). 

The operational status of the AIRBAG is reported to the driver with a warning light.

The warning light is designed to be noticeable even under daylight (light intensity and lux). 

It is placed within the vehicle, on the front panel to be seen easily by the driver and passenger. According to vehicle models, different paints, laser branding and pad printing can be applied to the top surface.